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4W at a glance…

• Is it really possible to see the world as others see it?
• At the same time, is it realistic to expect others to see things as you do?

Answer yes to both questions, then prepare yourself to discover extraordinary workplace relationships.

What are the Four Windows?

The Four Windows reflect four inborn personality types. Each individual tends to gaze through one window more than the three others. Of course you peer through all Four Windows. How much time you look through each depends on the traits you are born with, together with the accumulation of life experience you have encountered.

Peek Through a Gold Window

The workplace seen through a Gold window merits hands-on protection, careful planning, and responsible action.. Golds appreciate and want to support all forms of an excellent functioning community, including the policies and important details that make an organization and the people inside it thrive. Golds enjoy knowing that they play a key role in providing help to all groups to which they belong.

Peek Through a Green Window

The world savored through a Green window is filled with rational thinking and highly competent people. Greens see endless possibilities for learning and taking on problem-solving challenges. They love ideas, especially those that speak to their high standards of reason and logic. They enjoy working and thinking independently, engrossed in big-picture systems and chasing after answers. Greens hope to be mentally stimulated by the people around them.

Peek Through an Orange Window

Oranges revel in excitement, freedom and creativity through an Orange window. The whole world is their oyster. They light up the atmosphere both at work and at home. At the drop of a hat, they grab at a variety of hands-on activities and invite others to join them. Oranges like to "deal," to compete, and to accept a good challenge. They take pride in being high-energy, can-do people.

Peek Through a Blue Window

The peaceful light of harmony and friendship flows through a Blue window. With a soulmate or a work unit, they ardently desire that relationships be friendly, warm, and caring. Even in the business world, Blues view people as more important than systems and tasks. They listen empathically and expect, in turn, to be heard and included in all circles. They are known for insightful creativity, imagination, and a strong desire to support, encourage, and energize others.


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